General Data Protection Regulation


As from 25th May 2018 a new regulation came into force called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). All businesses have a legal obligation to attain your consent to use and store personal information about you and to inform you about how this data is handled, protected and used.

This includes your need and your right to know what I do with the personal information you share with me.

Sharmels gives the commitment that I will only use the personal data provided for the following reasons:

  • The provision of services to you
  • Updates on products and services/newsletters
  • To administer and maintain my records
  • To correspond with you in relation to your enquiry/order
  • To verify your identity and to respond to any query that you may raise with me and obligations I have with you
  • To raise quotes/invoices/refunds

The only personal identifiable data I require is your name, email, home/delivery address and contact telephone number. In cases where payment is made by cheque or if a refund is required via bank transfer your sort code and a/c number will be seen or needed.


  • The information I receive is maintained on an Excel Workbook which is password protected
  • SSL Website Certification
  • Additional Website Security Protection
  • Emails are encrypted
  • Computer protected
  • Phone and Tablet protected
  • Contact numbers on phone will be deleted after 3 months of order completion (if longer period required due to nature of order special permission from you is attained)
  • Full details will be deleted from Excel workbook 3 months after order completion (if longer period required due to nature of order special permission from you is attained)
  • If no order is placed your information will be held for a period of 1 year from date of initial enquiry and then deleted
  • Any hardcopy paperwork containing any of your information is only seen by me, kept securely and will be shredded after three months of order completion (if longer period required due to nature of order special permission from you will be attained) with the exception of paperwork required for HMRC (copy invoices/refunds) – which will contain your name and address - as these have to be kept for a 7-year period)

I am committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. I do not sell or pass on your information to third parties.

The Third-Party Cookies I use on my website are all GDPR Compliant: 


Every time you log on to the website your IP (Internet Protocol) address registers on the servers. Your IP address reveals no information other than the number assigned to you. I do not use this technology to get any personal data against your knowledge or free will (i.e., automatically recording e-mail addresses of visitors). Nor do I use it for any purpose other than as a direct link to and from the site and to help me monitor traffic on my website, or (in case of criminal activity or misuse of our information) to cooperate with law enforcement.

I do use PayPal as one of my payment facilities. When using this service, the information you provide is directly submitted to PayPal. I do not maintain electronic or physical copies of your credit card information. 

This Website contains links to other websites operated by third parties. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to the personal data that I collect through this website and I cannot be responsible for personal data that third parties may collect, store and use through their website. You should always read the privacy policy of each website you visit carefully.

If you are happy with the above and wish to proceed with your enquiry/order, please type "Yes" in the GDPR Section on the Enquiry Form, found on the "Get In Touch" page or you can select the action button below which will take you to the relevant page also. 

Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by phone and follow-up email, or by email.

Thank you for your understanding, I am fully committed to providing the best service  I can to my customers.